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Measurement of Physiological Fitness Level Among Male College Students in Dammam, Saudi Arabia Using the European Fitness Test–EuroFit

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Liste des auteurs: soror aboelwafa H, Mahmoud abdou elkilany A, Al-Hariri M
Editeur: Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE)
Année de publication: 2019
Journal: Global Journal of Health Science
Lexique des acronymes: GJHS
Numéro du volume: 11
Numéro de publication: 11
Page d'accueil: 21
Dernière page: 32
Nombre de pages: 12
ISSN: 1916-9736
Web of Science ID:
Scopus ID:
eISSN: 1916-9744


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to measure the physiological fitness level of University students Saudi, male, using the European Fitness Test EuroFit.

METHODS: The study was conducted on 451 Saudi, male, between 18-22 years age students. Physiological fitness was assessed using the eight tests included in the EuroFit battery. Body mass index (BMI) was assessed.

RESULTS: The present study showed that, the majority of the participants (55.7%) being within the normal body weight range and there was no significant difference between BMI categories in all components of fitness tests. According to the characteristics of the research sample, development of statistical tables of measurements derived from the process of conducting the EuroFit Fitness tests.

CONCLUSION: To the best of researchers’ knowledge, it is the first study evaluated the physiological fitness and investigating the reliability of the Eurofit tests in the Gulf region. The results showed the determination of the students’ fitness.

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